Hay & Straw for Sale in Central Illinois

Reasonable prices, cash-and-carry or delivery available.  Seasonal availability.
Phone 217-972-9640 for your hay and straw needs.

Straw Bales for Sale
Wheat straw, oat straw or rye straw for animal bedding or other uses.

Straw Bales – Rent for Parties
If you just need some straw bales for a party and would like to rent them, we offer clean dry bales for your party or outdoor entertaining needs including weddings, family reunions, Halloween parties, trade show or festival booths and more. Please inquire.

Alfalfa Hay for Sale
1st through 3rd cuttings.  We typically do not do forage analysis but would be happy to comply if you need it.

Alfalfa Grass Mix and Straight Grass Hay for Sale
This is by far our largest and most readily available product.

Straw or Hay for Bunnies or Chickens
If you need it shipped to you for your bunnies or chickens, let us know and we can accommodate.

Services We Offer in Central Illinois

Custom Baling  – We can take care of your acres from just small square baling to the entire package.

Custom Mowing –   Need your field mowed?  We can help.

Light Excavation & Snow Removal
We now offer light excavation work and possible snow removal courtesy of the bobcat 773 purchased last year. Subject to available working hours  (I work full time off the farm).

Manure Removal Services
Call us if you have no place to get rid of your manure.

Pasture Analysis and Renovation
Are you a homeowner and just moved into some acreage?
Looking to get some good wildlife habitat and/or wildflowers established?
Call us for your needs and we’ll do an evaluation. Read more about Pasture Renovation here.

Fuel Pellets
We are experimenting with making fuel pellets.  Stay tuned for future updates on this project

Custom Farming
Have a small or large acreage you need farmed?  Give us a call.
We are an young energetic family always looking to expand the operation.

Large and Small Squares of Straw Available

We are sold out of hay for the winter.

Straw & Hay

  • Straw
    Small Square Bales – $5 per bale

  • Loose Straw $3 per 55-gallon bag

  • Good quality baleage with RFV of 100-150 priced accordingly by ton. Approximately 100 bales available.

  • Rye Straw large squares $30 per bale picked up

  • Grass alfalfa mix hay $4.25 per bale