About Clarkson Farms

From Andrew Clarkson, Co-Owner of Clarkson Farms:

Clarkson farms began about 1990 when Grandpa Carrol Clarkson gave me the necessary hay equipment and more importantly, his love for creating quality hay. I grew up riding on the fender of the baling tractor listening to dad or grandpa telling me the importance of putting up hay the right way and taking the time to do it correctly.

We got our start using an old IH 990 hay conditioner, a John Deere 350 hay rake and a New Holland 268 twine baler, not to mention four very old and tired wagons. Through the years we have built and added and improved to our current state.

In 2005 I met my future wife and subsequently proposed to her on the tractor mowing hay. Jessica and I got married in 2006 and I gained a valuable partner for the future.

We expanded and revamped the buildings and barn site in 2011 for future growth potential and are in the final phases of that expansion now.

Most importantly, we added my newest (and first) little tractor buddy on March 19, 2014.

Now to just trade for something with a buddy seat so she can go with me.
Life is pretty good down on our farm. Come see us and find out for yourself!

Large and Small Squares of Straw Available

We are sold out of hay for the winter.

Straw & Hay

  • Straw
    Small Square Bales – $5 per bale

  • Loose Straw $3 per 55-gallon bag

  • Good quality baleage with RFV of 100-150 priced accordingly by ton. Approximately 100 bales available.

  • Rye Straw large squares $30 per bale picked up

  • Grass alfalfa mix hay $4.25 per bale