Pasture Renovation for Optimum Growth Potential

We have recently added a Woods Precision Super Seeder PSS72 to our equipment lineup to better serve your pasture renovation needs and to tackle those tough pollinator seeding projects.

Want to get a high class alfalfa crop going?
Give us a shout.

Need CRP acreage or waterways seeded? Pollinator programs? We can do that as well. We’ll tackle jobs the other guys won’t!

We have always seeded our own acreage for the farm and now have expanded our capabilities to more completely serve the needs of our customers.

Let us come establish a high quality pasture for you. We will work with you all the way from fertility levels to seed selection and ground preparation.

Large and Small Squares of Straw Available

We are sold out of hay for the winter.

Straw & Hay

  • Straw
    Small Square Bales – $5 per bale

  • Loose Straw $3 per 55-gallon bag

  • Good quality baleage with RFV of 100-150 priced accordingly by ton. Approximately 100 bales available.

  • Rye Straw large squares $30 per bale picked up

  • Grass alfalfa mix hay $4.25 per bale